Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Adventures in Indianapolis! ( Featuring the Johnson Family)

Over the past month, this is what has happened.  At the beginning of September, my older brother, Caleb, had his 11th birthday.  Speaking of Caleb, he has posted a new post on his website (supercrusher.blogspot.com).  We also had had to go to the dentist 3 times this month. Twice for cavities and once for a pulling.  The pulling was probably the most scary thing at the dentist for her ( Emilie was getting her tooth pulled, by the way). Six months ago, she was afraid of getting teeth X-Rays, believe it or not!  Me and Caleb also got new bikes! Mine is Green and Caleb's is Black.  Features on the bikes that we LOVE: stunt peg, back words pedaling (without it stopping),and handle brakes. School has been in for 2 months (almost 3), and its gone pretty well if you ask me. Did I mention we are going to Disney Land in November? Well, we are! We're gonna have family fun and Thanksgiving in Florida! Plus, we're going to have 2 birthdays while we are there (Emilie's and Joshua's)!  In August, Josh was officially ours, just to let you know.  It was good to catch up with you, but if I don't stop typing I'll... (Choose the end yourself)
1. My fingers will fall off!
2. I'll be typing all night!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I guess its time to adjust the name of our blog...

As I sit here, a beautiful, tiny 6 lb baby boy is resting in a sling on my chest.

He has been very fussy (which is not entrely unusual) and after taking a shift with

Caleb & Austin, he is finally with me & has conceded to sleep. As I sit here & stare

at this amazing creature (I cannot move for fear of waking him & he desperately needs sleep)

my mind wonders to his future. I have done this, of course, with each of our children.

I find myself thankful...in the midst of this difficult time of little sleep & loss of freedom,

I find myself exactly where I want to be. Growing a family, for God's glory & my joy. Toby is right here with me, what a dad he has become. More amazing with each child, sometimes I can't get over it! Millions of questions flood my head about how to do this (raising, teaching, schooling)

well, how to be successful & without too much regret. For now though, I will just stare at his

face & dream of his future...

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Well I have a lot to tell you about Joshua he has a lot of hair,brown eyes,a cute smile,a small nose,two tiny hands,small legs and feet. Oh by the way its me Austin. Well here's who's staying,me,Georgia,and mom So Emilie and dad are headed to Indiana to be with Caleb who right now is at a freinds house. Now were was I oh yes small ears,and a loud cry,black hair,and a heart full of love.

Friday, December 10, 2010

How he looks.

Joshua is home and good and so you know its me Austin here. He has a lot of hair and I think I'll stay here with Joshua,mom. But I'm not sure if Emilie is staying or leaving? Well I can't wait till I get Joshua in my room!!! If you tell your freind who don't belive to my dads blogsite The chep seat.(if its not that ask my dad what it is)they could be-come a beliver. So that pretty much it. Bye.

Nothing new.

Hey its me Austin well theres nothing new in the last 3-5 miniutes. Even though I've had a L.O.T. for you to catch up on. Well I'll give some new news as soon as I hear it. So be ready for more news about our family.

The news.

Mom and dad are comming home with Joshua!!! I can't wait for him to come home! I just can't wait. This is Austin your news guy. Peace!

Time to go home soon!

Austin hear bringing you the latest news mom and dad have gone to get Joshua for two resons 1 so he can come home 2 so we can go home. I can't wait to see home. Even though I'm real happy we're I am. I wish the drive was't so long so I could get home faster and I could visit more often. It's fun and awesome but its time to go very soon but I have a choise to make wether to stay for a few more days or not. I'd like to hear what you would do.