Thursday, February 21, 2008

Austin's First Lost Tooth/Georgia with Yogurt

To keep you up to date, Austin recently lost his first tooth. It only took about 3 months of carefully planned wiggling before he finally couldn't take it anymore. Well, that's not true...we actually noticed that the tooth had gone dark (because the nerves were dead), so I took him into our room...he opened his mouth...and I didn't even have to exert force. As soon as I touched his tooth, it popped out. Yahoo!!!

One of Georgia's favorite foods is yogurt, and as you can tell, she does get a small portion of each bite in her mouth. This is pretty much what her mouth looks like after each bite, which usually ends in a giant gotee in the yogurt color of choice.

100 Days of School

What you see below is the "100 Days of School" project that each boy did. Austin chose to make 100 airplanes, which we promptly taped up on the wall for the "100 Days of School" party. There's nothing like paper airplanes to decorate for your party. Below that is Caleb's superhero project. Caleb created 10 new superheroes, and for each one, he came up with nine superfacts. Ten heroes, ninety facts...100 things. On the left poster (left to right, top to bottom), you will see Ghost Killer, Luke the Hut, Cat Man, Dr. Two Broo, and Fat Rat. On the right poster (same order), you have Bat Boy, Monkey Boy, Duma Boy, Worm Boy, and Snail Man. Each hero has a weapon, shoes, names, where they live, secrets about them, their mode of transportation, favorite food, main power, and then he put them in alphabetical order (those are the nine things).

They had another homeschool family over this afternoon, and they consumed 100 snacks, made "100" pairs of glasses (each lens was a 0 in the number "100"), did 100 exercises, and got a "100 Days of Perfect Attendance" certificate. That's right...perfect attendance in homeschool. Gotta love it!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Some pictures of Georgia's First Week

Georgia and Caleb going "toe to toe"

Emilie and Georgia sharing a laugh together

Georgia's first music lesson...the ukelele

Video from Liberia

Hope you enjoy this musical recap of my trip! Jamie and Robert Ashbrooke sent me a one-time video camera for my trip, and when CVS made the DVD, this selection of random footage to music was included. I did not edit these things together, but it may give you an idea of how small Georgia was when I first met her. Also included is some of the time I spent at the children's the children singing and reciting Scripture are all waiting on families to adopt them...HINT, HINT. You'll also see a little bit of what was on the main road in Monrovia. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask. Also, you can check Toby's personal blog ( to read more about his experience.

Welcome to our blog!!!

This is the first post of our family website. Caleb had the great idea of creating a site so friends and family can keep up with what's going on in our lives. That is this site!!!
So, why the title? The four girls are Susan, Emilie Grace, Georgia Faith, and Emma...Emma was the name we gave to our baby that was miscarried back in 1999. The three boys are Toby, Caleb, and Austin. We are a two race family, having just adopted Georgia from Liberia in West Africa. However, when it all comes down...we are one family. So, that's why the "4321 Johnson" website. More to come!