Thursday, February 21, 2008

100 Days of School

What you see below is the "100 Days of School" project that each boy did. Austin chose to make 100 airplanes, which we promptly taped up on the wall for the "100 Days of School" party. There's nothing like paper airplanes to decorate for your party. Below that is Caleb's superhero project. Caleb created 10 new superheroes, and for each one, he came up with nine superfacts. Ten heroes, ninety facts...100 things. On the left poster (left to right, top to bottom), you will see Ghost Killer, Luke the Hut, Cat Man, Dr. Two Broo, and Fat Rat. On the right poster (same order), you have Bat Boy, Monkey Boy, Duma Boy, Worm Boy, and Snail Man. Each hero has a weapon, shoes, names, where they live, secrets about them, their mode of transportation, favorite food, main power, and then he put them in alphabetical order (those are the nine things).

They had another homeschool family over this afternoon, and they consumed 100 snacks, made "100" pairs of glasses (each lens was a 0 in the number "100"), did 100 exercises, and got a "100 Days of Perfect Attendance" certificate. That's right...perfect attendance in homeschool. Gotta love it!!!

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bekalee said...

I love these ideas. You are both so creative and I love your kids. See you soon @ FCA.
Ms. Rebekah