Friday, March 7, 2008

Boys Do Work, Girls Get Clean

Well, tonight we had a woodshop class on our dining room table. We got these footstool kits from Home Depot, and all it takes is two screws and six nails...provided in the kit. So, each boy got to do a little work with a Phillips head screwdriver as well as a hammer, and they came prepared with their official "Home Depot" aprons. Afterward, they painted the stools...painted stool pictures yet to come. Enjoy the pics...we loved putting them together!

Caleb goes first!!!

Next comes Austin!!!

Here's a quick picture of the girls taking a bath. If they had a grown-up conversation, I could imagine that Emilie Grace is saying, "Hey Liberia, you took a bath in a bucket with only a rag. Here in America, we live in a land of abundance...we sit in gigantic tubs of water with bubbles, and we use these cups to pour water on ourselves. It's great fun!" Such a fun time!

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