Friday, March 14, 2008

Veggies and Pillows and Baths...Oh My!

How to eat raw veggies...

That photo looks like just another child eating ordinary carrots...think again. As many of you know, it's often a challenge to get young children to eat their vegetables. Fortunately, there are a few that our children like. For example, Emilie Grace likes raw carrots. However, at tonight's dinner, she didn't want to eat them. Why? Because they were dried out and appeared to have some white places on the outside...not mold, just dry.

The question do you get your three-year-old who is OCD about food looking and feeling right to eat carrots that look a little dry? You could try not letting them eat anything else until they finish...even if it means that carrots will be for breakfast tomorrow morning. You could add something sweet to them to make them more appealing. Well, as I've always said...Susan is a resourceful mom. She is quick on her feet and often comes up with solutions I would have never dreamed of. Susan got Emilie to eat her carrots. How? Easy. Susan picked one up...popped it in her own mouth..."moisturized" the carrot until it was orange again...pulled it out...then, she asked Emilie, "Is that better?" Our little responded, "Yes," and she proceeded to eat it. This happened for all four of Emilie's carrots.

Those aren't pillows! Well, actually, they are. The boys have an over-sized chair in their room, and I was called in from the living room this morning to help them. They had taken both cushions off the chair and asked me to cover them. They sat in the bare chair and waited with smiles on their faces. However, the two cushions didn't do the job, so I had to add both their comforters, the pillows they sleep on, and every other blanket I could possibly find. At long last, all the light was blocked off, and they had their "fort." Oh, how I remember doing the same thing!

What you see here is a game that lasted about ten minutes. In an effort to make Georgia more and more comfortable with the bath, we gave her a cup. She immediately learned to pour the water on herself...she was intrigued by it. This time, when the girls got in the bath, Emilie decided to help Georgia along. So, she grabbed the cup, filled it with water, and poured it on Georgia's belly. Georgia didn't quite know what to think of it the first time. She looked at me with a "how should I react to this?" look on her face. So, I did what any dad would do...I laughed out loud. It was a sign that what just happened was okay...both girls grinned.

However, as we all know, that was not the end. Emilie did it again to make me laugh...when she did, all three of us laughed out loud. It was a game with the endurance of the Energizer just kept going and going. So, I had to grab the camera to remember the moment.

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Woodard Gang said...

I must say, I have never heard of that solution before with the carrots...I can totally see Susan doing that :O) Last week, I made pork chops and T.J. kept a piece in his cheeks for about 5 minutes...he wouldn't swallow it!! Any suggestions Susan?? I finally let him spit it out and he went on to eat his rice, green beans and roll.