Sunday, June 15, 2008

BALL GAME!!!!!!!!!!

Austin invited a friend to VBS & won the opportunity to throw out one of the first pitches at a Nashville Sounds ball game, so without further adieu, here's Austin........

I am too much of a computer moron to get my pictures moved correctly, but Caleb was in awe of the amazing fire works after the game. Austin got to keep the ball he threw out, Toby taught them how to keep score in baseball, & they learned about the seventh inning stretch. It was a great night for all of us.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Best buds

Austin and Patrick :
Crazy eye rollers, handsome devils, and wiggly goofballs, how they were made for each other!!!! Austin and Patrick had a fun day together going to VBS, eating popcicles (& then ice cream), and playing outside, anything to spend as much time as possible before we make our move back to IN.

Graduation Day

Our boys have finished there school year and Caleb helps Austin, once again to complete the next stage in life. I loved watching the boys work on Austin's cap & gown. We opted out of the huge ceremony FCA put on & decided for an intimate one with fellow homeschoolers, Silas & Sophia Kingsbury. And where else would we hold such a momentous occasion except at Pizza Hut? They had the best time.

My friend and I made special certificates for each child. They were recognized for such things as craft genius, (Aus), fantastic big brother, (Caleb), and excellent math and reading skills (both). We are so proud of both and are truly thrilled to have survived our first year of home education!!!!