Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Would you like to see the rest of our house?

Here's the bedrooms & our crazy red kitchen. I had a wild hair to paint the cabinets red a few years back. I have to looks much better in person. The bedrooms, well you can figure out which one is which. The picture of the girls room doesn't do it justice to how girly I made it. I have waited a long time to make a room girly & I had a blast. I took this as the girls were supposed to be going to bed. They look really sleepy don't they?

****** I wish I could have fit one more picture to show the front of our house ( I will next time) but here is our wonderful front yard. Isn't it great? Austin has already mastered climbing the crab apple tree in it & has been working on the giant oak in the back yard. Anyways, this completes our virtual tour please come visit us in person. To all of our friends & family far away I can say with all sincerity, we miss you. Marion would be perfect if YOU lived here. Our children definitely miss your children & their grandparents. We love you all!

Would You Like to See Our House?

Everyone has been asking about the house so I thought I'd walk around with my camera & try to "show you around" a bit. I started in the back of the house with some of my favorite spaces. The first area you see is where we will school, it is the front part of the playroom which is the middle picture here. I also left my laundry door open, because I LOVE my large laundry room. The picture on the right is our shed in our backyard. One side is for tools but the other side the kids have claimed as a club house. We even let them spray paint some of the walls in it.

Next you see a room that looks nicer & that is on purpose. Since we now have a playroom, our living room with the fire place is mostly for adults. The kids do quite activities in there which is fine cause quite is usually clean. This is the front of the house & the dining area that you see connects the front & back living rooms. I will post the kitchen, bedrooms & our marvelous front yard next. We truly love our home & so do the kids.

Our Very Nostalgic Fourth of July

There are so many reasons I love small town living. I love that my friend invited me & the kiddos into her family corn field next week to pick & shuck corn. I love that if I can't remember if the door is locked I don't feel too worried & I love that my neighbor invited us to the home town parade where she & her boys would be walking in cause they were in the "Reading Bug" club at the library. So... we grabbed our buckets to catch candy & our lawn chairs & headed out to the parade.

Later that night we had some friends over for some grillin' & chillin' at the house. We had such a good time & the kids just ran loose. If you are reading this & your kids aren't quite old enough to "run loose" yet, you surely have something to look forward to. The big ones kept up the the little ones in the yard with the dads & the moms hung close to the dessert;). This was also Toby's very first opportunity to buy fire works just as our parents did & light them in the drive way. The kids loved it but probably not as much as Toby. It's funny too how no one has to tell you how to act exactly like your mother when you see your sweet husband with explosives he bought in a big tent & is now lighting ten feet from your offspring. You just know to get the giant water bucket & to keep telling your kids, "Now scoot back, ok everyone...stay back."

Move In Day in Marion, IN

Our first day into Marion & the kids & Caleb and Georgia (with two neighbors) crowd around our little DVD player in their still empty playroom (the truck hadn't arrived yet). Here's Emilie Grace in our front living room quite unsure about it all & also reeling from a 103 degree fever which hung around for a week. Once all the furniture came in & her fever broke she really loves "my green house".