Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our Very Nostalgic Fourth of July

There are so many reasons I love small town living. I love that my friend invited me & the kiddos into her family corn field next week to pick & shuck corn. I love that if I can't remember if the door is locked I don't feel too worried & I love that my neighbor invited us to the home town parade where she & her boys would be walking in cause they were in the "Reading Bug" club at the library. So... we grabbed our buckets to catch candy & our lawn chairs & headed out to the parade.

Later that night we had some friends over for some grillin' & chillin' at the house. We had such a good time & the kids just ran loose. If you are reading this & your kids aren't quite old enough to "run loose" yet, you surely have something to look forward to. The big ones kept up the the little ones in the yard with the dads & the moms hung close to the dessert;). This was also Toby's very first opportunity to buy fire works just as our parents did & light them in the drive way. The kids loved it but probably not as much as Toby. It's funny too how no one has to tell you how to act exactly like your mother when you see your sweet husband with explosives he bought in a big tent & is now lighting ten feet from your offspring. You just know to get the giant water bucket & to keep telling your kids, "Now scoot back, ok everyone...stay back."

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