Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Would you like to see the rest of our house?

Here's the bedrooms & our crazy red kitchen. I had a wild hair to paint the cabinets red a few years back. I have to looks much better in person. The bedrooms, well you can figure out which one is which. The picture of the girls room doesn't do it justice to how girly I made it. I have waited a long time to make a room girly & I had a blast. I took this as the girls were supposed to be going to bed. They look really sleepy don't they?

****** I wish I could have fit one more picture to show the front of our house ( I will next time) but here is our wonderful front yard. Isn't it great? Austin has already mastered climbing the crab apple tree in it & has been working on the giant oak in the back yard. Anyways, this completes our virtual tour please come visit us in person. To all of our friends & family far away I can say with all sincerity, we miss you. Marion would be perfect if YOU lived here. Our children definitely miss your children & their grandparents. We love you all!


Theresa said...

Thanks for all the wonderful pictures! You did a great job on all the rooms! I even like the red one. :)

TLC said...

Wow it's great to see the house without all the boxes piled everywhere!!! LOL Hope all is well and that you are all settled in, sounds like you all are. Glad you all are back "home" in Marion.