Monday, September 1, 2008


Georgia faith is doing the potty dance!
My crazy friend Mandy suggested she was ready for training & I shouold "not miss my window". However, I was a bit chicken at the prospect, especially since we are currently (supposedly) house training a dog. But as usual, my friend Mandy was right. Yesterday the score was accidents-2 , successes-7. Today looks just as bright. And as you can see we are all thrilled!
Emma Grace spells JOE. As most of you may already know, our oldest daughter is obsessed with letters & reading. We have seen it as a very cute & slightly odd interest for our 3 & a half year old, but ya know every kid is different. Anyway, she mostly spends her time saying the letters, drawing the letters, reciting the sounds & forcing us to practice our letters as well. I was however, amazed to see her actually spelling words. Here is a picture of her at rest time writing the word JOE. She has added a few more words to her mix & I am guessing if she keeps this up, I won't be able to teach And her past kindergarten, she'll be too smart for me;)
And speaking of smart kids (I wish I had a shot of Caleb in this! He's so awesome!) here is Austin & his neighbor & fellow homeschooler Issac. Issac's mom, Tasha has taken it upon herself to fuel their curiosity of taking things apart & has made Friday's into FANTASTIC FRIDAYS by letting them spend the morning taking apart computers & whatever else she can find & they love it! Here they are with their own set of screwdrivers. They spent more than 2 hours taking this computer completely apart & had many hypothesis afterward.

Anyway, that is it for now. Caleb & Austin are doing scouts this year & Caleb is also beginning his first year of flag football so we will have more pics to come. We love you all out there, & when you visit our blog, let us know with a comment, our boys chekc the blog often!


Shari said...

Thanks for the update on how everyone is doing! What a precious family.

I am in the midst of moving to a bigger place. I am cleaning out my bedroom and packing my china and will be giving a final clean up today (hopefully). So, I will have to keep my comments short.

Here is a link you might enjoy sharing with your kids if you haven't already discovered it. It's completely free and so fun. You can read complete pictures books online, and buy the hard copy if you choose...

I think your little ones will love it. Someone just shared this site during one of my college courses. I had never heard of it. There are so many great free things you can do on the Internet.

Glad you are all doing well.

Love, Shari

JRJ said...

We love you all! I'm SO proud of all you're doing! Keep up the good work!

By the way, how are Toby and Susan???

Hajnalka Klieman said...

Susan and I recently reconnected on Facebook. What a wonderful family you have!

I'm praying that your daughter's potty success somehow inspires my middle son on his quest to leave diapers behind. I must confess I'm getting tired of washing the diapers. Congrats on the big girl step!

Please look us up if you ever come to Southwestern Indiana...we're not too far from some great educational field trips.