Saturday, September 13, 2008

A September to far

Hey all!!!! September is here and it has been good to our family! These pictures tell just a portion of all that has happened event wise. I may have to post twice,hmmm. Anyway,
the first images you see are of our oldest turning 8. He decided he was probably too old for a themed party so we decided to just invite 3 boys over for a sleepover & video games. He had many choices being blessed here with tons of good friends, but I forced him to choose only 3 (adding in my 2 boys & my 2 girls, the excitement of a party, lots of sugar, no get the drift) & believe it or not they were all Caleb's but one! So after we passed out nicknames for the evening the boys got busy playing & they had an awesome night. One Caleb's parents brought over 2 game systems & another Kaleb's parents brought an extra TV & we let the boys stink up, I mean play hard in our playroom until about 11pm. He had a fantastic time & I have to say I LOVE watching my kids get older. It doesmake me wonder how my parents let us have SEVEN kids sleepover for our birthdays each year, and if that doesn't sound crazy enough they upheld that rule even when 2 of my brothers (who happen to share the same birthday) birthdays came around. We would have 16 boys in the house. I am now wondering if they stayed the whole think maybe they snuck out for awhile to escape for a bit? If not, they are better parents than me!! Anyway, the other shots you see her are one of Caleb & Aus at Lowe's making a pirate ship with Toby. If you have never done the Build & Grow thing at Lowe's or Home Depot you REALLY should. It is so great for the kiddos! The last one I loaded is Caleb today at his first flag football game. He rocked I was soo proud of him.


Woodard Gang said...

Isn't it hard to believe T.J. and Caleb are 8!?! Sounds like he had a great birthday...T.J. wanted a UCF party, so we did that at the first home game :o) Miss you guys!!

TLC said...

Hi there you guys!! Just poppin' in to drop a note - saw Susan at Wally World a few weeks back and told her I'd send the link to my sites. Now you have them :-)

God bless you all!! And thanks for sending out the email earlier - it's been a trying couple of years. I'm glad that so many people are really praying for unity!