Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Long time no post

Awwww! As ornery as a child can sometimes be, not much can beat the sweet snuggle you recieve from a little pumpkin who falls asleep on your lap.

Georgia Faith & her new best friend. I cannot tell you how much my girls love this scrappy little dog. He is a sweet pup but there have been many times I have wanted to let him bless another home after he has left the puppy nuggets that he seems to produce in endless supply! HOWEVER, I could not do that to my girls. The funny thing is we got him for our boys, who are fair weather friends to poor Tanner. Not our girls though, they sneak him treats, pet his belly anytime he wants, & let him drag them around our yard to his hearts delight.

Can I tell you how amazed I am at Caleb? I came home tonight to find C teaching Georgia how to use the mouse pad on our lap top. I myself have been unsuccessful at this but caleb somehow was able to teach her & she was so excited everytime she moved something on the Nickjr website she stopped to clap & Caleb just beemed with pride.

Now this one I must explain. The boys were learning about hibernation & we thought it would be fun to practice some hibernation ourselves. So, what do you need to hibernate? Shelter? Grab the blankets, food? Marshmallows & celery with pb! Bedding? Whatever we can find in the bathroom?! They "hibernated" for about 2 hours! If your kids are making you nuts try this one at home!

And last but not least, introducing the "World's Youngest Backseat Driver" - I took this while driving (don't worry mom I DID NOT look before I took , I could just hear the directions from the back & knew what to do). She yells out "Mommy the red button... STOP!" Or "It's the yellow button...SLOW DOWN!" And as often the light changes so do her commands. I have to say the funniest thing is the way she leans over to keep an eye on the traffic even if we are on a long trip.

Hope you are all enjoying fall as much as we are. We have done every "fall thing" imaginable. Please post in & let us know what all you all are up to. We miss you all!!!! S, T, C, A, E, & G