Friday, November 21, 2008


My 4 children's costumes couldn't be a better example of their personalitites!!!! Now, they are all sweet and wonderful children. They all have their own quirks, etc. But as I sit and look at these pictures I realize Aus would very much LOVE to be one who helps people all the time AND he's a dare devil who would love nothing more than to fly around!! Caleb loves to be devious & wild just like the green goblin! Georgia loves "can-nee" & lots of it, she's as sweet as chocolate too! And Emilie there any question she thinks she's a princess?? At any rate, we had a great time at the harvest party at our church, there were hay rides, games & face painting, all which terrified Georgia! Emilie Grace thought it was spectacular though & asked for days after to go "trick or treating". We couldn't seem to help her understand that it only comes once a year. It is now 9 days until Emmi's 4 th birthday. We are very excited. We are also setting up some christmas stuff since we will be in Tennessee the day after Thanksgiving. Toby is preparing the fire place for a nice fire. I think he'll eventually get to the fire, he is currently picking out the remains of an old Larry boy toy that spoke his last electronic words in that fire place. We still remember the eerie sound of "I am that ..." "I am that ..." then in this pitiful way you'd hear the word"hero..." finally there was a bang & a spark & that was it until tonight when Toby picked his remains out of our iron curtain protecting the fire place. Ahh memories!