Saturday, December 6, 2008

More pictures of the birthday princesses

The girls loved their presents, their giant butterfly wings, coloring books, wands & of course their baby dolls, what Emma didn't love however, was them singing Happy Birthday...go figure!

Happy Birthday Princesses

Last night we celebrated our princesses birthdays. This was Georgia's first one with us. I have to say, it was great fun, the girls had a fantastic time eating TONS of sugar, opening presents & just running around like houligans. I loved it all. If you weren't here, here is what you missed...

I forgot to show you all my birthday present!!

A truly wonderful birthday mixes things you love with things that are special. Mine was the perfect mix of both. For those of you who did not hear what we did, we went to Port Huron, MI (LOVE going to places I have never been) to visit Georgia's birth cousin Libby. First of all, you may remember the little girl who was being adopted at the same time with Georgia & the birth aunt came & stole her for a day & there was much prayer going out from all of you, well, this is the girl. It was great to see her happy & healthy! She is wild & fun & perfect for this family she was adopted in to. In addition to visiting her & her great family (there is 8 of them total so there for the weekend in one house there was 14!) the other families who had adopted from WACSN were getting together for a reunion! I adored seeing all of these beautiful families SO perfect for each other, all of these kids getting along so well, it was awesome! For any of you who know me well you know how much I love adoption ( we are all adopted after all if we are in Christ's family) so I was on cloud nine. The night got better for me though, when Maria Luyken (who started this orphanage just a few short years ago) spoke wisdom & encouragement & THEN... I met Heidi! We were given the amazing & rare privilege of choosing our child to adopt & as you may remember we struggled with whom to choose. There were a couple of little girls in particular that we prayed & prayed over before we choose Georgia. One was Georgia's cousin Libby (cool huh?) one was Georgia, one was Tayah (you may remember that name) who I heard is doing great with her family & then there was Fatu. Fatu had a small medical condition & was the only child crying in their picture. My heart was broken for her & I feared a family may not choose her because of the medical issue. Then I sat down next to this sweet little girl in a pink plaid dress, identical to her sisters & began talking to her mom. I could tell Heidi was not a her african name(duh) so I asked her mom her african name & about fell over when she told me that this tall, beautiful, healthy child was Fatu. I never expected to see her again, oh how it filled my heart with peace & joy! So here are some pictures, enjoy!
Other pictures here are CeCe, Heidi & Georgia giving hugs & posing, then Emma joined in on the fun! On the bottom, it is Georgia, Libby & Emilie Grace patiently listening as Toby tells them a bed time story, then one of my favorite shots, the bell choir! Austin (in red) & Georgia (at the bottom in white overall ) participated in the cutest bell choir you have ever seen! Georgia absolutely LOVED it!