Saturday, August 1, 2009

Now and then

Hello everyone! It has been quite some time since we have last updated, so sorry for that. I actually hadn't thought about it until I got my pictures finally printed from the last year and a half (yes I am behind on a few things)and noticed how MUCH Georgia had grown since we have moved to Indiana. They all have grown some and changed a bit to, they are quite wonderful to be around and maturing more each day. But let me show you these pictures with Georgia in them. Just a little over a year ago she was hardly talking, sooo different socially and about 10 inches shorter! We all have changed and grown this year. This has been a lesson filled year for all of us and I am so thankful for it. It has been difficult, but not unbearable. And in it has been sprinkled many triumphs! Thank you Lord for such a year (summer to summer)!! It is surely ALWAYS an interesting life we lead!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Are the end of times coming? We are one day closer

Hello Friends!
I am on cloud nine right now & not for reasons you might think. Yes, my family is wonderful & they are all doing great~Caleb started his first season of baseball, Aus has started soccer again & scored 2 goals this past sat., the girls are doing great, playing & in general making LOTS of noise. Toby & I are working on house projects & are thankful that since are tax return came back we can not only do some improvements with cash but we have no debt except the house!!! However, this is not why I am excited. My hearts other home, Africa, has had some great triumphs this week & I am thrilled! In Uganda, where a beautiful Nashville girl named Katie lives, there a miracle. Katie got to be apart of it just because she was willing to do so. She works with orphans (& adopts the ones she can't find homes for) but her goal there is to spread the message & love of Jesus. Long story short, she is now feeding/teaching/loving the Karmajongs. These are an uncivilized people even the Ugandans can't stand, but she found a way with the Lord's help to reach them. So many Christians are looking at the news reports to see if the end is near, I say look in Africa. The bible says Christ will not return until some know Him from every tribe & tongue. As some of you know, this is the goal of the Southern Baptist Convention. Well, last week, another tribe was introduced to Christ, we are one day closer. If you want to follow Katie & her story or donate to help her feed & find homes for these kids go to but beware, you won't be the same. In other AWESOME highlights from Africa...there has been some rough things to hit our beloved orphanage in Liberia. At one point, the Minister of ... stormed the orphanage & took the children, this is the nice was horrible. Toby & I have been very torn up over this, (BTW, if we have not told you, its because we have not really told anyone, we have been heart broken & I at least have not really wanted to talk about it) & have been praying for God to avenge those children & families caught up in what was essentially a rash act by a government official who does not like adoption. Good news today though, the court ruled that Minister GUILTY !! I am not sure what will take place now, but hopefully the kids will be returned to WACSN & adoptions can continue to take place. Rescuing these children has to be TOP priority. This was a huge win from a government who mostly opposes international adoption. The Lord is with Maria Luyken (who runs WACSN) & He will not be stopped. James 1:27 I am overjoyed! These are things that matter, not so many other things we give our minds to. We love you all & as Toby says...Keep Your Eyes on Jesus.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Things I love

There are so many wonderful things I love about my life & as I was looking through the pictures we have taken this year, I was reminded of them. Let me share a few great pictures, just everyday things you can see around the Johnson house. I hope you enjoy them.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Character sometimes hides in the oddest places...

Well...we finally have a computer again & I have to say...I've missed you all! We have gotten several wonderful comments (including a beautiful handwritten letter, thank you Audrey) from you our sweet friends who have missed hearing about our goings on. Thank you for caring & checking up on us. In general we are doing well. So, one of the things I mentioned before briefly was something we have dubbed our "public school project". I didn't say much before partially because their wasn't yet much to say & partially because it was very hard for me to let Caleb go (we asked Aus if he wanted to try the experiment, he said "no way! I don't want to be gone all day just to do MORE work!"). I spent his first day gone in a puddle of tears. I can't remember the last time I prayed so much for that child. I know that sounds silly- people do this every day, but I hadn't!! So he came home that day fine & full of spunk & so the experiment began. I promise I am getting to the character part, but because so many of you have asked, I thought I would explain why we did this at all. Caleb seemed to equate public school with "being big" & seemed to continually feel he was missing out on something, so even though he enjoyed being home, he continually hinted at the awesomeness of public school. To make this an even tougher battle, his only memories of public school was kindergarten (ya know centers, story time, snack time, etc). So finally after hearing this for the umteenth time we decided to just send him. We are in a good & safe school district & second grade is a pretty safe year so why not. Also, & most importantly to me, he was not in any way working at his full potential for me. He seemed to think he couldn't do many of the things I knew he could, & I knew school would help very much with this battle when we went back to homeschooling. forwarding to now...he's had his days of fun & his days he's begged me to stay home, all in all the experiment is going just as Toby & I had hoped. So... this is where we found out something precious about Caleb's character, who knew it would pop up at Westview Elementary! Caleb has been friends with a group of boys several of whom ended up in his class. Caleb & I were glad for this at first but as it turned out these kids were only interested in being friends with Caleb as long as he was NOT friends with the uncool kids. The thing is, Caleb saw these kids needed friends ( he says one of them occasionally punches himself cause everyone thinks he's so dumb) & he LIKED them. They were fun so he didn't care as much that the other kids didn't like them. He even seems ok that these boys will only now play with him outside of school, but ignore him in school. How blessed I am at all of this. His character is growing! Thank you Lord for this. We still plan on homeschooling him next year (it seems now that this is a no brainer for reasons I have not mentioned) but I am thankful for this full experience that we have all learned much from!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Georgia!!

Dear Friends,
Our computer has died a quick & painless death (it just decided to quit turning on) but because of that I cannot keep updated on the blog much. So here is the quick skinny on us, our wonderful children, and all of the events going on, not the least of which is the anniversary of Georgia Faith bursting into our home. Tomorrow (Feb. 3rd) is the anniversary of the day Toby began his trek to bring her home. It began with trouble at the airport & all of us a bit unsure that the American would be allowed to bring the Liberian child home. On Feb. 4th we not only will celebrate Austin's birthday, but also Georgia's first year here. In a nutshell, it has been a wonderful whirlwind. Toby & I also celebrated our 11th anniversary. We went away for a night & had the best time! Farming out the kids is good for all! Caleb is trying out a short stint in public school (for all that read that in me) & loving it but is remembering why it is sooo nice to school at home. The others miss him but are troopers during "the experiment". Our holidays were simple & nice & we are currently once again sitting at the Lord's feet searching for His perfect direction, every ready for the adventure of the Christian life. We love you all, more than you know!!