Saturday, January 15, 2011

I guess its time to adjust the name of our blog...

As I sit here, a beautiful, tiny 6 lb baby boy is resting in a sling on my chest.

He has been very fussy (which is not entrely unusual) and after taking a shift with

Caleb & Austin, he is finally with me & has conceded to sleep. As I sit here & stare

at this amazing creature (I cannot move for fear of waking him & he desperately needs sleep)

my mind wonders to his future. I have done this, of course, with each of our children.

I find myself the midst of this difficult time of little sleep & loss of freedom,

I find myself exactly where I want to be. Growing a family, for God's glory & my joy. Toby is right here with me, what a dad he has become. More amazing with each child, sometimes I can't get over it! Millions of questions flood my head about how to do this (raising, teaching, schooling)

well, how to be successful & without too much regret. For now though, I will just stare at his

face & dream of his future...