Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Adventures in Indianapolis! ( Featuring the Johnson Family)

Over the past month, this is what has happened.  At the beginning of September, my older brother, Caleb, had his 11th birthday.  Speaking of Caleb, he has posted a new post on his website (supercrusher.blogspot.com).  We also had had to go to the dentist 3 times this month. Twice for cavities and once for a pulling.  The pulling was probably the most scary thing at the dentist for her ( Emilie was getting her tooth pulled, by the way). Six months ago, she was afraid of getting teeth X-Rays, believe it or not!  Me and Caleb also got new bikes! Mine is Green and Caleb's is Black.  Features on the bikes that we LOVE: stunt peg, back words pedaling (without it stopping),and handle brakes. School has been in for 2 months (almost 3), and its gone pretty well if you ask me. Did I mention we are going to Disney Land in November? Well, we are! We're gonna have family fun and Thanksgiving in Florida! Plus, we're going to have 2 birthdays while we are there (Emilie's and Joshua's)!  In August, Josh was officially ours, just to let you know.  It was good to catch up with you, but if I don't stop typing I'll... (Choose the end yourself)
1. My fingers will fall off!
2. I'll be typing all night!